Keep track of all the things you didn't need and didn't buy.

Capture when you resist the temptation.

Money not spent at a glance.


See the total of all the items you didn't buy at a glance
on the TIDB start screen.

Add new items with a few taps right from the start screen.

Start saving for that big purchase and stop spending money
on things you don't need.

Quickly add new items on the go.


Create new items with a few taps. Add a picture as you go or later.

Edit your items anywhere at any time.

Pick a category for your item now or later.

Let all your friends on Twitter and Facebook know what you didn't buy today.

Record things you didn't buy.


Add and remove items from the list of all things you didn't buy.

See all the items you didn't buy in one list.

Sort by date, price, and name. Find an item with just a few taps.

Review, edit, and update your items anywhere at any time.

Chart your progress.


Easy to read charts keep you up to date on your progress.

Filter by category or quickly see how you're doing over time.

Understand your habits. Find out when you didn't buy
things you didn't need. Or how hard it was not to buy them.

Make it yours.


Choose from 20 beautiful colors.

From accountant green to candy girl pink - we've got you covered.

Sort items by date, name or price. Filter by over 20 categories.

Store your data in the cloud and sync with other devices
or keep them private on your iPhone or iPad.